Why are we based in Horsham?

Horsham is a beautiful town that has bandstands, cobbled streets, morris dancing competitions and more history that you could shake a stick at.

So why base a company that is trying to be at the cutting edge of technology in such a location?

The answer is simple, we can be in London Victoria within 50 minutes and we can be in Brighton within 30 minutes. Horsham and the immediate surrounding area is full of ambitious companies all looking to make the most of digital.

There simply isn’t any reason why every ambitious new media agency needs to be based in London. It doesn’t make you any less professional or ‘social’.

Horsham has wonderful meeting spaces and the pace of life is just that little bit slower which we find conducive to being more productive. That’s not to say that we don’t work hard in fact, with no commuting, we actually spend more time working in the office than we would do if we had to spend an hour commuting.

Our clients don’t seem to mind. We work with businesses based in London, Surrey, Essex and Kent.