Our work

The Big Issue offers some of the most excluded people in the country a unique opening to take some control of their lives and earn a legitimate income. Vendors make a personal choice to buy their magazines with their own money, taking charge of their finances and sales whilst developing the skills required to retail to the public.

iAcquire helps individuals gain insight into the way they work alone and with others. It looks at peoples preferred ways of working and opens the possibility for a change in their practice, over time even adjusting their profile result.

Professor DeBono suggests that "complexity is only valid for aesthetic reasons" we agree, so iAcquire is intentionally simple.

It's simple for consultants to use with their clients.

It's simple for individuals to understand.

It's simple to make changes of behaviour based on the report suggestions.

Clear visual indicators allow people, teams and organisations to quickly access areas of development yet also provide enough depth for years of personal reflection.

James Flynn is a ghost. He worked for many years at the sharp end of covert intelligence, operating for various different intelligence agencies including MI6, CIA and Mossad, working on top-secret operations and acting as a strategic trainer across the globe. Having now left the intelligence service he resides in the UK and splits his time between the US and Germany, working as a security consultant and writer.

Andy Barnard is an experienced professional photographer based near Guildford, Surrey.

He undertakes a wide range of photography work throughout Surrey, East and West Sussex, Dorset, Hampshire and Kent.